DDVDDeutscher Dodgeballverein Von Deutschland (German: German Dodgeball Association of Germany)
DDVDDifferential Dose-Volume Distribution
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Just like the original one, the input of the DDVD is still 2 sets of subtraces corresponding to 2 different S-boxes, but the output changes from a single value to a 1x3 matrix including 3 candidate values of [mathematical expression not reproducible].
In this section, we compare double distance voting detection (DDVD) proposed in this paper with other two widely used detection techniques, which are correlation-enhanced detection[15] and traditional Euclidean Distance detection with dimension reduction[17], respectively.
Detection technique proposed in this paper is marked with DDVD, and correlation-enhanced method in [15] and Euclidean Distance in [17] are denoted as CE and ED, respectively.