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DDVPDimethyl Dichloro-Vinyl Phosphate
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Tabassum, Comparative toxicity of Margosan-OTM, neem compound, Cyfluthrin and organophosphates (DDVP and perfekthion) against Musca domestica.
"Investigation of dichlorvos (DDVP) and trifluralin pesticide levels in Tahtali Dam Water,".
All treatment were found to be superior over control with respect to percent grain damage.The relative performance of various insecticide was found in order of Rynaxypyr 18.5SC @ 30g a.i./ha > Spinosad 45% SC @73 g a.i./ha >Dimethoate 30 EC @ 600g a.i./ha>Profenophos + DDVP @ 2ml +0.5 ml/lit>Acephate 75SP @ 750 g a.i./ha> Acetamiprid 20SP @ 20g a.i./ha.
Cases were defined and classified based on the strength of evidence for DDVP exposure and health effects consistent with and following exposure to DDVP pest strips.
The insecticides and percentages of beekeepers that reported their applications were endosulfan (21.4%), methyl parathion (21.4%), carbofuran (28.6%), deltamethrin (14.3%), stampade (7.1%), malathion (35.2%), dimethoate (28.6%) and DDVP, Darksh (Dichlorvos) (50%) and Cyperforce (Cypermetrin)
Principios ativos, respectivas concentracoes e numero de testes realizados foram: amitraz 12,5% (n=104), diazinon 50% (n=99), cipermetrina 15% (n=102), cipermetrina 2,5% + cimiazole 17,5% (n=93), cipermetrina 2,5% + clorfenvinfos 13,8% (n=14), cipermetrina 20% + clorpirifos 50% (n=57), cipermetrina 4,5% + diclorvos (DDVP) 50% (n=62), cipermetrina 8% + etion 60% (n=66), DDVP 60%+clorfenvinfos 20% (n=94), DDVP 60% + clorpirifos 20% (n=56), cipermetrina 15% + clorpirifos 25% + citronelal 1% (n=53) e cipermetrina 15% + clorpirifos 25% + butoxido de piperonila 15% + citronelal 1% (n=14).
In 2010, Cheminova will discontinue the production of insecticide methyl parathion in Brazil and of the insecticide DDVP in India.
Dichlorvos (DDVP) Revised Ecological Risk Assessment; Notice of Availability.
AMVAC Chemical Corporation (AMVAC), a wholly owned subsidiary of American Vanguard Corp., completes the acquisition of certain assets related to the active ingredient dichlorvos (DDVP), used in the animal health business.
Damage to spermatogenesis in juvenile rat treated with DDVP and malathion.
Terminator Slow Release Fly Killer, Terminator Small Space Fly and Moth Killer, Funnel Trap Insecticidal Strip, DDVP (Toxicant) Strip, Museum Flykiller.