DDWDigestive Disease Week
DDWDutch Design Week (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
DDWDead Down Wind (Pleasant Valley, MO)
DDWDer Deutsche Weinbau (German: The German Wine; periodical)
DDWDiseases of the Developing World
DDWDieter de Witte (technology consulting; Germany)
DDWDigital Data Warfare
DDWDimensional Data Warehouse
DDWDrill Deep & Wide (GM)
DDWData Driven Workflow
DDWDarkness Does Wonders (bar slang)
DDWDowntown Dining Week
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Over 80,000 entrepreneurs, general managers, and managers -- the readers of the DDW newsletter -- were asked to vote among the nominees for the Innovator of the Year title.
Reportedly, DDW consumption is beneficial for diseases associated with high oxidative stress, such as cancer and diabetes, and has a protective effect against the complications of these diseases (4).
With unique DDW data, expertise and technology, the company's BRI empowers organisations with a decision advantage over threats and adversaries.
The composition of the ions in the circulating cooling water is relatively simple, and the concentration of different kinds of ions is also lower compared to that of the DDW and the DW, but nowadays little information on the [Cl.sup.-] removal from the DDW or the DW using Friedel's salt precipitation method can be found in the literatures.
The ratios of the solubility rate constants in natural water or ddw to heavy water was greater after substance dispersing.
Most of the students were first timers at design fair, and said that educational and creative festivals such as the DDW are their preferred choices for a field trip, as opposed to an amusement park.
Three different concentrations of weeds, that is, 1, 35, and 100 mg/mL, with double distilled water (DDW) and dichloromethane (DCM) were taken to observe allelopathic effects of weed species on test crops in triplicates.
Supervalu Inc., Eden Prairie, Minn., re-launched its private label Wild Harvest in 2008 to give customers a range of natural and organic product they could trust, says Mike Goefft, managing director, DDW LLC, San Francisco.
Big Invest has now parted ways with Deep Ocean Technology and to compound the problem, DDW chairman Khamis Buamim has now resigned.
While the journey --made possible by PPG Industries Foundation with support from the Community Foundation of Louisville and DDW "The Color House"--is imaginary, the science involved is real.
This paper discusses the design and implementation of a new code called diagonal double weight (DDW) code, which provides efficient transmission and increased cardinality for SAC-OCDMA systems.
"Our specialised DDW Global Offshore Services will provide total offshore solutions