DDWDigestive Disease Week
DDWDutch Design Week (Eindhoven, Netherlands)
DDWDead Down Wind (Pleasant Valley, MO)
DDWDer Deutsche Weinbau (German: The German Wine; periodical)
DDWDiseases of the Developing World
DDWDieter de Witte (technology consulting; Germany)
DDWDigital Data Warfare
DDWDimensional Data Warehouse
DDWDrill Deep & Wide (GM)
DDWData Driven Workflow
DDWDarkness Does Wonders (bar slang)
DDWDowntown Dining Week
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re-launched its private label Wild Harvest in 2008 to give customers a range of natural and organic product they could trust, says Mike Goefft, managing director, DDW LLC, San Francisco.
Big Invest has now parted ways with Deep Ocean Technology and to compound the problem, DDW chairman Khamis Buamim has now resigned.
Section II outlines the design of DDW code, followed by introduction of SPD and complementary subtraction detection techniques in Section III.
DDW exceeded its budget in 2011 - the actual EBITDA for CY 2011 for Drydocks showed an increase of 65 per cent increase over budget.
The financial disclosures were generated by Freeman AV and automatically displayed as the first slide for 6 seconds in the session room before going into the presentation, DDW program manager Crystal Young said in an interview.
The dried SPHCs were used to determine their equilibrium swelling ratio in DDW and SGF.
Enterprise Ireland is pleased to work with Crospon and the other Irish companies at DDW 2009 to grow their businesses and support their customers here in the United States.
A separate pilot study (Abstract W1362) presented at DDW further confirmed these results and found that different users draw very similar conclusions when interpreting Cellvizio video sequences.
com; (888) 486-8339) has revolutionized the scent elimination industry with ESP, a bio-engineered enzyme scent prevention process that allows users of DDW products to maintain a zero scent environment.
Animals in Group-I were administered orally with DDW (volume equal to ROE) to serve as normal (vehicle treated) while animals in Group-II were given ROE orally at a dose of 1000 mg/kg b.
DDW includes a control box, a shutter relay box, a number of position sensors, a convenient hand controller, and all the necessary wiring, interface devices, accessories, and software.
Last five league matches: Aberdeen W W W L L; Inverness CT D L DDW.