DDZDeutsches Diabetes Zentrum (German)
DDZDecor-D-Zign (South Africa)
DDZDesired Development Zone (Austin, TX)
DDZDeutsche Dartsport Zeitung (German: German Darts Newspapers)
DDZDigitaal Dorp Zuidwolde (Dutch: Digital Village Zuidwolde; Zuidwolde, Netherlands)
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To facilitate development within the DDZ, the city uses models for traditional neighborhood development (TND) and transit-oriented development (TOD) to identify how growth will occur.
In the past, the City of Austin promoted TND and TOD through a number of incentive programs, some available only within the DDZ.
In the future, the Company plans to continue the migration of key Schottky and switching diodes as well as the new high precision DDZ zener diode lines from larger packages to the SOD-523.
The first products to be offered in this package are Diodes' new low resistance (R1) pre-biased transistors and will be followed by the entire line-up of pre-biased transistors, the new line of DDZ zener diodes and other devices from Diodes Inc.
The new ultra tight tolerance Zener product line is the DDZ series, and is packaged in a variety of miniature and sub-miniature SOT (3 and 6 pin) & SOD (2 pin) surface mount packages.