DE2Deeply Embedded ARM Application Macrocells
DE2Dorsal Excitatory Type 2 (motor neurons)
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1H NMR (CDCl3, 500 MHz) I' 0.77 (3H, t, J = 7.1 Hz, CH3 (de1)), 0.87 (3H, t, J = 7.1, CH3 (de2)), 1.57-1.76 (1H, m, 7'-CH), 1.78-1.89 (1H, m, 7'-CH), 1.93-2.01 (2H, m, 6'-CH2), 2.34-2.46 (2H, m, 1'-CH2), 2.51-2.55 (1H, m, 5'-H), 2.65-2.69 (1H, m, 5'-H), 3.73-3.87 (3H, m, OCH2, 2'-H), 3.93-4.10 (1H, m, 7a'[alpha]-H), 7.84-7.88 (2H, m, ArH), 7.91-7.95 (1H, m, ArH), 8.01-8.04 (1H, m, ArH), (de ratio: 95: 5).
(2) Dynamic Rescheduling for DE2. When DE2 happens at time 20, job 4 is damaged and it cannot be repaired; therefore job 4 needs to be rescheduled.
This MIPS CPU configuration is designed to run on a low-cost FPGA platform, with guides available for the Digilent Nexys4 platform with a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA, and theTerasic DE2 platform with an Altera Cyclone FPGA.
The design was implemented on the development board DE2 (2010), this card is composed by an FPGA Cyclone II EP2C35F672C6 (2010) and several storage units (SDRAM, SRAM and FLASH).