DEACDorset Energy Advice Centre (est. 1998; UK)
DEACDépartement d'Enseignement de l'Arabe Contemporain (French: Department of Education of the Contemporary Arab)
DEACDancExplosion Arts Center (Pittsburgh, PA)
DEACDeemed Export Advisory Committee (US DOC)
DEACDiethylaluminum Chloride
DEACDealers Election Action Committee
DEACDiesel Engine Antifreeze Coolant
DEACData Exchange Auxiliary Console
DEACDefense Economic Analysis Council
DEACDetroit Erotic Arts Collaborative
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In connection with the transaction, DEAC is expected to be renamed, move its jurisdiction of incorporation from the Cayman Islands to the State of Delaware and continue trading on NASDAQ under a new ticker symbol.
Upon the closing of the transaction, the board of directors of New DEAC is expected to consist of six directors, of which two will be designated by the founders of DEAC and four will be designated by the Algeco Group's controlling shareholder, TDR Capital LLP, or certain of the investors or funds managed by it.
0% (w/w) of cobalt octoate (Co), 15% (w/w) of DEAC, and 2.
3] solution was mixed with desired contents of Co, DEAC, and TEAL in a degassed dried-glass ampoule capped with a neoprene rubber septum.
DEAC already offers a full range of integrated IT solutions to almost 2,000 customers from 20 countries around the world.
Following the scheme described in this reference, one could readily see that DEAC polymers, while broad due to the multiple catalyst sites, tend to be linear, while the SESQUI polymers have higher propensity for LCB.
However, when DEAC was chosen as the chlorinating agent, the copolymer of Ip and Bd was the only product that could be obtained from the terpolymerization.
DEAC, a Latvian IT outsourcing company, operating on the IT market already for 10 years, has opened its second data center in Riga, Latvia.
This work investigates the effect of the ratio between the DEAC and neodymium molar concentrations, polymerization temperatures, catalyst concentrations, and butadiene concentrations on the final MWD of obtained polymers and on the catalyst performance in butadiene polymerizations performed with a neodymium versatate catalyst.
showed that DEAC or ([alpha]-diimine) nickel complexes can produce polyethylenes with longer chains than polyethylenes obtained with MAO (23).
In exchange for the license rights, its grantor RFB LLC, Prairie Village, Kansas, will receive a small block of restricted DEAC common stock as well as licensee fees over the 25 years or 20 years license term.
The Chairperson of the DEAC will be Executive Engineer, Irrigation Department and Member Secretary will be Assistant Director, or Deputy Director or District Mines Officer or Geologist in the district.