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DEADDiethyl Azodicarboxylate
DEADDestruction of Enemy Air Defenses (see SEAD)
DEADDrinking Ends All Dreams
DEADDust Entrainment and Deposition
DEADDrugs Ends All Dreams
DEADDiagnostic Evaluation after Death (postmortem research)
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I found myself alone with M'ling, the dead brute, and the prostrate man.
There are living sounds, too, such as are never heard under other conditions: notes of strange night-birds, the cries of small animals in sudden encounters with stealthy foes or in their dreams, a rustling in the dead leaves--it may be the leap of a wood-rat, it may be the footfall of a panther.
Dead to her uncle, who had renounced her; dead to the servants of the house, who had failed to recognise her; dead to the persons in authority, who had transmitted her fortune to her husband and her aunt; dead to my mother and my sister, who believed me to be the dupe of an adventuress and the victim of a fraud; socially, morally, legally-- dead.
And I lie so composedly, Now in my bed,(Knowing her love) That you fancy me dead -- And I rest so contentedly, Now in my bed,(With her love at my breast) That you fancy me dead -- That you shudder to look at me, Thinking me dead: --
If you have a God pray to him now--in a minute more you shall be dead," and with that he rushed viciously upon the Belgian, his knife raised high above his head.
Like the jed who had brought me, he was frightfully scarred, and also decorated with the breastplate of human skulls and dried dead hands which seemed to mark all the greater warriors among the Warhoons, as well as to indicate their awful ferocity, which greatly transcends even that of the Tharks.
As she sat in the old cabriolet beside the father of her dead lover, again there came to Octavie the terrible sense of loss which had assailed her so often before.
You sit here to do justice between me and this Dead Cat.
When I saw them coming I told the men to be quick and flay the carcasses of the two dead sheep and make burnt offerings of them, and at the same time to repeat prayers to Hades and to Proserpine; but I sat where I was with my sword drawn and would not let the poor feckless ghosts come near the blood till Teiresias should have answered my questions.
Or, had he found that he had been too late, and thus gone back to a living death upon a dead world?
He closed his eyes, opened his mouth, stretched out his legs, and hung there, as if he were dead.
Perhaps it were well if he had been so slain, Baleka," said Unandi; "then had many another man lived to look upon the sun who is now dead.
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