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DEAEDroit Européen et Analyse Économique (French: European Law and Economic Analysis)
DEAEDiethylamino Ethanol
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The OSHA PELs for DEAE and CHA were promulgated for the protection of industrial workers and are not intended to protect members of the general public, which may include children, the elderly, those in ill health, and others who may be particularly sensitive to the effects of these substances.
(*) Under certain conditions, it is theoretically possible that DEAE (or related compounds) in boiler water may be converted to nitrosamines, which are suspected human carcinogens.
Rannazzisi, a burly, tough-talking Long Islander, was assigned to head the DEAEs Office of Diversion Control.
18, 2014, Marino introduced the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act, making an effort to define what constitutes "imminent danger." The proposal raised the DEAEs standard for suspending drug shipments by requiring that the agency establish "a significant and present risk of death or serious bodily harm that is more likely than not to occur."
On May 7, 2014, Matthew Strait, the DEAEs congressional liaison officer, detailed ways "to push back" on MarinoEs bill, according to an email he wrote.
He was still pressing the industryEs long-standing argument about the need for a clearer legal definition of the DEAEs imminent danger standard.
"Indeed, many of my colleagues believe that the (Walgreens) case would have resulted in a narrowing of DEAEs authority if the agency had not settled its dispute," Barber said.
In doing so, we will ensure that the DEAEs authorities are not abused and threatened by future legal challenges; foster greater collaboration, communication and transparency between the DEA and the supply chain; create more opportunities to identify bad actors at the end of the supply chain; and, most importantly, be certain that prescriptions are accessible to patients in need."