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DEAFDictionnaire Étymologique de l'Ancien Français (French: Etymological Dictionary of Old French)
DEAFDiplôme d'Etat d'Assistant Familial (French: Degree of State Family Assistance)
DEAFDutch Electronic Arts Festival (Netherlands)
DEAFDublin Electronic Arts Festival (Dublin, Ireland)
DEAFDeformed Epidermal Autoregulatory Factor (gene regulatory factor)
DEAFDeaf Equipment Acquisition Fund
DEAFDallas Electric Aircraft Fliers (remote-control model aircraft group)
DEAFDominant Extroverted Abstract Feeler (Myers-Briggs personality type indicator)
DEAFDate Entered Armed Forces
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She did her brave best but she could not shout like Felicity, and half the time, as she confided to me later on, she felt that Great-aunt Eliza did not hear one word she said, because she didn't seem to take in who the people were, though, just like all deaf folks, she wouldn't let on.
He went to the house of a very deaf old lady and when they sat down to the table she asked him to say grace.
I think it was real mean of her to pretend she was deaf," said Felicity, almost on the verge of tears.
The money will benefit needy deaf children in all the counties.
Inam Ilahi said that deaf and dumb persons who are physically fit and have proper vision can get driving licenses as there was no restriction in the law of the land.
Emily Noden from Lloc, Flintshire, who will represent Great Britain in the World Deaf Swimming Championships in August claims that deaf athletes in the UK are "seriously marginalised" and "undervalued" in the UK.
As a profoundly deaf child, Weber was taught, in the oralist tradition, to speak instead of using American Sign Language.
Parents and supporters of deaf children have collected more than 4,000 signatures opposing the cuts in just four weeks.
The local lads won the prestigious British Deaf Cup for the first time in the competition's 51-year history.
In certain respects, these debates mirrored those taking place in both the deaf and Jewish worlds during the early twentieth century.