DEAGDeutsche Entertainment AG (Germany)
DEAGDirección de Extensión Agraria (Spanish)
DEAGDiplômé des Écoles d'Arts Décoratifs de Genève (French: Graduate School of Decorative Arts in Geneva; Switzerland)
DEAGDuncan Elliott Appraisal Group (now Westbridge Group Valuation Partner; Canada)
DEAGDrumbowie Environment Action Group
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Convener of DEAG and former VC KEMU Prof Faisal Masood advised that dengue patients should be treated very carefully.
Dengue Expert Advisory Group (DEAG), Dengue GCP guidelines 2012.
DEAG said the deal, which excludes the Moon & Stars Festival, was bankrolled with available resources.
Proyecto Conservacion De Suelos MAG-GTZ, DEAG San Lorenzo, Paraguay.
Y esto, particularmente en un pais como Paraguay, que posee un indice de ruralidad del 43,28%, segun el ultimo censo del 2002 (DGEEC, 2011), a lo que se suma una decision politica del gobierno central de aumentar el plantel de extensionistas de la Direccion de Extension Agraria (DEAg), organo publico de extension rural, algo que ha sucedido en los ultimos cinco anos.
Leuratti C, Watson MA, Deag EJ, Welch A, Singh R, Gottschalg E, et al.
Hie willao eow to gafole garas sellan, aetrenne ord and ealde sweord, pa here-geatwe pe eow aet hilde ne deag." (45-48)
and the Nokia Theater in Times Square, has also formed a joint venture called Deutsche Entertainment AG (DEAG) to promote shows and concerts at 02 World as well as other venues throughout Germany.
Milton House, in Market Street, is spread over three floors and was sold to Tri Deag Limited for pounds 230,000.
'Ni me an ar Ait an Phuint no na Cuig Deag ata me curtha?
Ziegler's own research suggests that in addition to texture, deag glomeration may also influence flavor through its influence on rheology.
Deag, "The adaptive significance of baboon and macaque social behaviour," in F.
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