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DEANDown East AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) Network
DEANDemocracy and Election Alliance Nepal
DEANDisability Education Association of NSW (New South Wales; Australia)
DEANDynamic Emergency Alert Network (Kentucky)
DEANDelhi Environment Action Network (India)
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With a pleasant air of patronage, the Dean as nearly cocks his quaint hat as a Dean in good spirits may, and directs his comely gaiters towards the ruddy dining-room of the snug old red-brick house where he is at present, 'in residence' with Mrs.
The reply, with a slight smile, is: 'Certainly; with my respects and thanks to the Dean.
While Dean has a history of supporting open-ended free-trade agreements, Kucinich has worked as hard--sometimes harder--than Gephardt to defeat them.
Howard Dean is to be commended for his role in obtaining civil unions for same-sex couples.
In her remarkable, truly artful book, Carolyn Dean investigates the ways Cuzco's high-ranking Inkas handled such tricky cross-currents of privilege and subjection.
I was quite surprised to find that tooth enamel grew at such different rates in early Homo species, [especially] Homo erectus, compared with Homo sapiens," Dean says.
But in the large eastern and state universities many other academic divisions are found, and customarily each of these divisions has a dean as the chief administrative officer subordinate to the president.
Dean points to MRC's less-invasive practices that lessen erosion, such as cable yarding and building rock roads, and to the company's support of fisheries and plans to build a market for tan oak.
To build business partnerships, the Dean will align employee learning and development to business strategies.
And Dean in real life could be no less charming: he won over Elizabeth Taylor during the filming of Giant, and he often endeared himself to his intimates.
But make no mistake, Curtis Dean is the man in charge of this $200 million palace, which opened in January in the heart of the city's downtown.
As director of the Naval Historical Center Detachment Boston, Deans oversees the maintenance of the legendary 204-foot-long craft.