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DEANSDrug Evaluation Alliance of Nova Scotia (Canada)
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With a pleasant air of patronage, the Dean as nearly cocks his quaint hat as a Dean in good spirits may, and directs his comely gaiters towards the ruddy dining-room of the snug old red-brick house where he is at present, 'in residence' with Mrs.
The reply, with a slight smile, is: 'Certainly; with my respects and thanks to the Dean.
The second decision appointed assistant to deans of the colleges as follows; Mohammed Talat Ahmed Al Tarawna, assistant to dean of the Higher College of Technology for academic affairs; Dr.
Kruger and Washburn (1987) evaluated the status of tenure and promotion practices in nursing education by surveying deans of selected nursing programs nationwide.
As the Anglican Foundation approaches its 50th anniversary, its new executive director, Dean John Wright, wants to increase significantly its endowment, bring its image and online presence up to date and forge a somewhat different profile from his charismatic predecessor, Canon John Erb.
Under fire for curriculum that lacks real-life relevance and fails to instill ethical behavior, these and other top schools are appointing deans viewed as capable of bringing new thinking to the challenge of educating the corporate leaders of tomorrow--and charging them with doing just that.
In the 32 institutions studied there have been 165 deans from 1860 to 1933.
Office of the Dean: The Dean is responsible for the leadership of the School of Taxation.
This D&I is particularly important, for not only is the work more detailed due to the upcoming 1997 bicentennial of her launching, but new technologies have given Deans and company new ways to inspect the ship's complex wood components.
The case went to trial before the Admiralty Court in New York, and the Deans were stripped of their land and sentenced to heavy fines and six years in the notorious prison, the Tombs.