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DEARSDisney Emergency Amateur Radio Service (Anaheim, CA and Orlando, FL)
DEARSDistance Education Aptitude and Readiness Scale (self-assessment)
DEARSDetroit Exposure Aerosol Research Study (US Environmental Protection Agency)
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'Tush, tush, my dear!' said the Jew, abruptly resuming his old manner, and playing with the knife a little, before he laid it down; as if to induce the belief that he had caught it up, in mere sport.
I should be quite proud of your wishing to see me, my dear. As a professional Receiver of rents, so very few people DO wish to see me, that the novelty would be bracing.'
'Quite so, my dear,' assented Fanny, as she dried her eyes.
"So we got a hackney-cab, and put a chair in it, and just round the corner they lifted me out of the cab and into the chair, and carried me here that I might see my dear friend in his own establishment!
Well, I suppose the type of husband has completely changed since my young days, but I'm bound to state that poor dear Hunstanton was the most delightful of creatures, and as good as gold.
'Yes, my dear Sir, yes,' said the little man, with a knowing look,
'Louisa, my dear, you are the subject of a proposal of marriage that has been made to me.'
I was just going to invite you to come here, to supper, my dear Ribby, to eat something MOST DELICIOUS."
'No, I don't think it's the breed, my dear,' returned Pa.
"Three or five, 'tis all the same to me, my dear monsieur; and I know that you will make them most exquisitely."
"Oh, well, it may be a superstition or it may not, doctor, dear. All that I know is, it has happened.
'Dear madam,' he said, pressing her hand delicately to his lips;