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DEASHDNA Enrichment by Allele-Specific Hybridization
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On this occasion, we share the sufferings of the people of Tal Afar who are among the greatest victims in Iraq of the atrocities of DEASH which has also targeted our country with its brutal terrorist acts.
We feel deep indignation about the reports indicating that the DEASH terrorist organization has murdered many Turkoman civilians who were trying to escape from the villages in the vicinity of Talafar.
The most important challenge that confronts Iraq, which has made significant strides in the fight against DEASH and appears close to success in this campaign, is to recover from the profound humanitarian, political, economic and social devastation that DEASH has inflicted and to achieve lasting stability by thoroughly rebuilding the country.
Our country is countering simultaneously the most brutal terrorist organizations, such as PKK, FETO and DEASH.
The use of chemical weapons by DEASH amid its vicious terrorist acts has also been established by the JIM in its report.