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DEATHDon't Ever Antagonize The Horn
DEATHDeliver Earth's Angels To Heaven
DEATHDr Evil and the Henchmen (gaming clan)
DEATHDeparting Earth Ascending to Heaven
DEATHDrugs, Exhaustion, Alcohol, Tobacco, Hypoglycemia (pilot stressors)
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Then the mother wrung her hands, sang and wept, and there were many songs, but yet many more tears; and then Night said, "Go to the right, into the dark pine forest; thither I saw Death take his way with thy little child!"
Shrouded in thick melancholy, and eager for the little casualties that bring death: thus do they wait, and clench their teeth.
It was the last spiritual struggle between life and death, in which death gained the victory.
Thou my Shade Inseparable must with mee along: For Death from Sin no power can separate.
(O sight an eye in tears to drown) Antigone, so young, so fair, Thus hurried down Death's bower with the dead to share.
Death, Life and Materialism were fine words, but would Mr.
Then one, greatly daring, did try to touch him...but a skeleton hand shot out of a crimson sleeve and violently seized the rash one's wrist; and he, feeling the clutch of the knucklebones, the furious grasp of Death, uttered a cry of pain and terror.
As a point of evidence that may be useful to Clifford, and also as a memorial valuable to myself,--for, Phoebe, there are hereditary reasons that connect me strangely with that man's fate,--I used the means at my disposal to preserve this pictorial record of Judge Pyncheon's death."
The question may be asked, Why will he persist in following a profession which leads him to death? Why?--because he must remain at his post where the god has placed him, as he remained at Potidaea, and Amphipolis, and Delium, where the generals placed him.
Oh, count, I shall sleep calmly, deliciously in the arms of death." Morrel uttered these words with an energy which made the count shudder.
As they had been taken in the fact, the law of the country allowed that they might have been executed the same hour, but the viceroy having ordered that their death should be deferred till his return, delivered them to the relations of the dead, to be disposed of as they should think proper.
The news of the death of Parfen Denisitch made a painful impression on him.