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DEAWDowntown Employee Appreciation Week (Milwaukee, WI)
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(41) But his uses of "Ambrosian" (which antedate the earliest OED citations) do not endure, despite his efforts to support the innovation contextually: "Nectar to life, thou sweet Ambrosian feast" and "an Ambrosian bowle, " / The Nectar deaw." (42) This is more typically the fate of Marston's monstrous births, which are impressive but ungainly, and hence short-lived.
"Born to Fight," Action; producers, Prachya Pinkaew, Sukanya Wongsatapat; director, Panna Ritthikrai; cast, Deaw Chuphongse, Noppol Komarachoon, Santisuk Promsiri.
(53.) Henry Hawkins in his emblem book Parthenia Sacra, 1633, speaks of the heavens as a "round Machine" set "with starres instead of flowers" (84-85), and he further concludes that "God makes an exact esteeme of a single drop of Deaw, as of all the world beside," for "Before thee (sayeth Salomon) is the whole world as a drop of morning-deaw" (65).
There are several ways to outline your design with gutta: you can trace shapes (as we did with leaves); position fabric over a design and then trace it in gutta; deaw freehand; or use a rule to guide the applicator as you create a design composed of straight edges.