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DEBDenver (bus station; Amtrak station code; Denver, CO)
DEBDepartment of Economics and Business (various schools)
DEBDivision of Engineering and Buildings (Virginia)
DEBDrug-Eluting Balloon (cardiology)
DEBDon't Even Bother
DEBDepartment of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (various locations)
DEBDirectory Entry Block
DEBD3d Execute Buffer
DEBData Extent Block
DEBDasar Ekonomi Baru (New Economy Policy Malaysia)
DEBDéclaration d'Echange de Biens (French: Exchange of Goods Declaration)
DEBDebrecen, Hungary (Airport Code)
DEBDeutscher Eishockey Bund (German Ice Hockey Federation)
DEBDietary Electrolyte Balance (nutrition)
DEBDigital European Backbone
DEBData Extent Block (IBM mainframes)
DEBDPO (Distribution Process Owner) Executive Board (US DoD)
DEBDetector Electronics Box
DEBDiethyl Benzene
DEBData Evaluation Board
DEBDouble Ended Break
DEBDeterministic Effective Bandwidth
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Deb has recorded her incredible journey in a string of video diaries and Adam, who operates under the name Fibro Guy, has been making them into a mini documentary for his website.
Deb with her husband When she received the diagnosis, Deb was at college training to be a teaching assistant.
In the midst of more frequent and more severe floods and droughts, Deb says, "the indigenous varieties are the best bet for farmers.
The report provides insights into the competitive landscape, the marketed and pipeline DEB products, the current and emerging players and comparative market analysis of different types of interventional techniques used to treat coronary and peripheral artery disease.
Political leaders are aghast with the reaction from Deb over questioning of a PRO.
Deb Orth can help provide the answers to those questions or refer them to other sources of help.
They said the men were seen arguing with Mr Deb and then assaulting him.
You've had a moment of temporary insanity," a seemingly traumatized Deb tells her brother.
Based in Philadelphia, DEB Shops is a fast fashion specialty retailer who sells women's clothing, shoes and accessories for both jUnior and junior plus size customers.
Deb, who was a size 28, said: "I was so miserable but didn't realise how sad I was until I look back at that time.
Deb will also be managing effective, efficient, ergonomic and hygienically designed cleaning equipment and liaising with the scientific and trade communities to ensure Vikan are up to speed with all the latest trends/issues in environmental hygiene.