DEBORDistrict Eagle Board of Review (North Carolina)
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"As health reform becomes a reality in 2009 and over the next five to 10 years, HIT will play a substantial enabling role," DeBor says.
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"This is the biggest impact on the industry since Medicare," said Greg DeBor, national practice leader for Computer Sciences Corp., a consulting group.
The department has yet to release regulations dealing with security and privacy, which are expected by the end of the year, DeBor said.
"Virtually no one is in compliance today," DeBor said, referring to insurers.
According to Winthrop's MIS Manager Greg DeBor, the firm has had a local area network (LAN) in place at its Boston headquarters for the past 18 months.
Installing the network was difficult at the time, according to DeBor, but probably would be much easier now thanks to improved networking products and better cooperation among equipment vendors.
He faces a disciplinary hearing in September over Mr Tomlinson's death and IPPC deputy chairwoman Deborah Glass has ordered it to be heard in public, the first time that has happened to a hc a in Tom IPPC Debor it to be h first time tha Met officer.
Debor ah Annetts, chief exec-utive of the VES, issued a warning ab out Dignitas to euthanasia case workers earlier this year, advising it was against UK law to travel with someone to Switzerland seek-ing Dignitas's help.