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DEBSDistributed Event-Based Systems
DEBS6-Deoxyerythronolide B Synthase (enzyme)
DEBSDiscipline Energy Beauty Strength (movie)
DEBSDirect Energy Business Services (Canada)
DEBSDelfino Emergency Broadcast System (gaming)
DEBSDominant Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex
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Second, there was Debs' public toleration of factions within the Socialist Party.
While some brotherhood leaders, like Warren Stone, were true believers in the cause, working for total abstinence from alcohol, others, like Eugene Debs appear to have taken a more relaxed view of the matter.
Heat 1: 1 Switchtoplanb 12-1, 2 Debs The Best 5-4, 3 Group Tycoon 7-4, 4 Vanilla Man 14-1, 5 Broadway Plain 8-1, 6 Group Stinger 3-1.
Debs' consistent opposition to broad labour coalitions made his support in 1924 for the Conference for Progressive Political Action, headed by Robert La-Follette, all the more surprising.
Debs. Both collections are masterpieces of historical editing, bringing together hundreds of letters from many different archival sources.
Frustrated by the failure of the railroad brotherhoods to maintain solidarity in their dealings with management, especially during strikes, Debs resigned as secretary-treasurer in 1892.
Born in Terre Haute in 1855, Debs went to work in the local railroad yards before he had turned 15.
Debs said Phoebe, a P6 pupil at Bridge of Weir Primary, has always been interested in the walks and is excited to be taking part for the first time.
When Debs, who is a teaching assistant, was invited by friend and colleague Emma Tatler to attend a Slimming World club run by leader Lynda waites in Almondbury, she asked Simon if he too would like to go along.
This is the first time Debs has taken part in the Great North Run although she has taken part in other runs previously, including the London marathon and the Rome half marathon.
That brings the grand total of the average teenage girl's Debs night to EUR695, with some bills running to hundreds more.
Debs, 32, a business analyst for Age UK Enterprises, said: "As I work for Age UK and see the amazing impact the charity has on lives on a daily basis, raising funds for this hugely important cause seemed like a natural choice."