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DEBSDistributed Event-Based Systems
DEBS6-Deoxyerythronolide B Synthase (enzyme)
DEBSDiscipline Energy Beauty Strength (movie)
DEBSDirect Energy Business Services (Canada)
DEBSDelfino Emergency Broadcast System (gaming)
DEBSDominant Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex
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Debs had heard of others achieving success with Slimming World and took the "massive step" of choosing to attend her local group.
said Deb, a mother-of-five, from Langley Park, County Durham.
Think of the Debs as your version of the Oscars you might even get papped by a local paper
Graham, 53, said: "I have two healthy daughters and when I met Debs and Nell and saw how different their lives were compared to ours, I put the suggestion to a few friends who have jumped at the chance to take part, each using their spare time to train.
Debs then approached several furniture boutiques in Lebanon asking them if they would carry a line by a Lebanese designer but they refused, reasoning that their customers prefer to pay thousands of dollars for imported furniture rather than buying something local.
Karen Nason from Debenhams said: "The Debs is such a huge tradition among teens in Ireland and girls want to ensure they look the part.
Debs was found dead in her Feilding home beside her father, Ray Honeyfield and with her husband Des Winnie last month in an apparent murder/suicide.
There have been biographies written before now about Debs, of course, but Ernest Freeberg goes into fascinating detail about the character of Debs, who stood up and opposed U.
On 16 June 1918, Debs spoke in Canton, Ohio, criticizing suppression of dissent for a war that he believed benefitted business and capitalism at the expense of the working class.
EUGENE VICTOR DEBS was a socialist icon, a pioneer of 20th-century labor unionism, a five-time presidential candidate, and a firebrand who went to prison for publicly denouncing America's intervention in the First World War.
One major reason I left was the discovery of the pre-World War I history of the Socialist Party, which Debs helped build.
Before being presented, debs practiced their curtsies, proud mothers attended to last-minute details, and escorts tried to figure out how to put on those white gloves.