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As we got more and more into debt breakfast became a hollower and hollower form, and, being on one occasion at breakfast-time threatened (by letter) with legal proceedings, "not unwholly unconnected," as my local paper might put it, "with jewellery," I went so far as to seize the Avenger by his blue collar and shake him off his feet - so that he was actually in the air, like a booted Cupid - for presuming to suppose that we wanted a roll.
"Pay me three hundred pounds, Sir Richard," said he, "and I will give thee quittance of thy debt."
When Fred stated the circumstances of his debt, his wish to meet it without troubling his father, and the certainty that the money would be forthcoming so as to cause no one any inconvenience, Caleb pushed his spectacles upward, listened, looked into his favorite's clear young eyes, and believed him, not distinguishing confidence about the future from veracity about the past; but he felt that it was an occasion for a friendly hint as to conduct, and that before giving his signature he must give a rather strong admonition.
Unhappily, he returned to tell me of his good fortune, and the same day he was arrested for debt. His relative has offered to keep the situation open for a certain time, and the time has not yet expired.
These narrow notions about debt, held by the old fashioned Tullivers, may perhaps excite a smile on the faces of many readers in these days of wide commercial views and wide philosophy, according to which everything rights itself without any trouble of ours.
'My gentle Peter, pay your debts! What matter if it swallows all That you describe as your "assets"?
The lots were particularly useful, one of them paying off a debt that had been contracted for half a dozen.
It is your debt. You came into being with this debt upon you.
He actually opened a bank account, where, without a debt in the world, he had several hundred dollars to his credit.
Off he started with little money in his pocket, and many debts behind him.
Godfrey's honourable conduct, in paying the debts incurred for the lady and the villa--and (as you will presently see) of more besides.
All the young men felt the attraction of the fine, well-set-up country girls who had come to town to earn a living, and, in nearly every case, to help the father struggle out of debt, or to make it possible for the younger children of the family to go to school.