DECAPDecoupling Capacitor
DECAPDependent Care Assistance Program (New York City)
DECAPDirectors Equity Capital Accumulation Plan
DECAPDepartmento de Coordinación y Asesoria de Proyectos (Spanish: Department of Project Coordinating and Advisory)
DECAPDecontamination Capabilities, Chemical Units, and Teams
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Villamar CA, Jarpa M, Decap J, Vidal G (2009) Aerobic moving bed bioreactor performance: a comparative study of removal efficiencies of kraft mill effluents from Pinus radiata and Eucalyptus globulus as raw material.
The Decapper 550 has a built-in barcode reader, and the decappers can also cap and decap partial racks of tubes.
In Figure 2(g), domain 1, denoted with PDN1, is a core domain with large chip DeCap and large current while domain 2, denoted with PDN2, is a port domain with small chip DeCap and small current.
Table 5.2: Punishments Imposed on Principaelen and bion-principaelen Total Capital Burnded Decap. Drowned Other Non-Cap Princ.
It was here, as a student at one of Chile's best universities in the 1980s, that Harris edited the cultural journal Posdata (along with Carlos Decap) and formulated a postmodern poetics in which the city of Concepcion became a makeshift stage for poems that cut across time and space.
One area of growth: using chemical decap to remove leadframes and overmolds, which permits STI to look at die surfaces.