DECCDepartment of Energy and Climate Change
DECCDuluth Entertainment Convention Center (Duluth, MN)
DECCDefense Enterprise Computing Centers
DECCDistance Education Coordinating Council
DECCDanish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce (Tallinn, Estonia)
DECCDistributed Energy Communications and Control
DECCDuke Energy Convention Center (Global Spectrum; Cincinnati, OH)
DECCDirection des Examens, des Concours et de la Certification (French: Directorate of Examinations, Competitions and Certification; Cameroon)
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As a paid-for service we are now able to provide a far more enhanced and consistent service with round-the-clock security, a climate-controlled environment, as well as a convenient and cost-effective parking solution for everyone," the DECC management added.
The intention of this contract is to permit DECC to replace staff which leave the team either as they finish their contracts, or if they moves roles within DECC or chose to terminate their contract early.
50pm on the same day you can hear Lord Bourne, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for DECC talk about the benefits of Business Energy Efficiency.
ICOP consists of a non-statutory set of industry guidelines which have been developed in conjunction with DECC, the UK Offshore Operators Association (UKOOA) and a number of other bodies.
Our evidence convinced DECC that industry can continue its previous record of energy saving over the next 10 years.
DECC say that issuing licences covering much of Wales, does not mean "a licence to frack".
WFES truly brought together leaders from around the world to discuss some very serious issues," said Mariam Al Mutawa from DECC, the organizer of the forum.
With the Great Migration, DECC will receive a complete, i3-compliant, cloud-based package of NextGen 9-1-1 solutions, including enhanced call routing and image and video delivery.
DECC had publicly said that "nothing that they identified compromised the overall integrity of the installation or its pollution response provision," he said.
The entry date for this year is October 1, with an absolute deadline for the DECC to accept completed CCA applications of October 31.
The path followed so far has been advantageous for DECC as they have had the best first two quarters of sales since 2007.
Unlike Valley Wind, the DECC don't regard wind turbine popularity as a valid planning consideration.