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It does decel fuel cut-off, engine stop/start and a mild amount of regenerative braking, and it gets about a 10 percent increase in fuel economy."
A Pachmayr Decel recoil pad, Talley scope mounts and lightweight aluminum rings are included.
The new J1939 CAN and J1587 capable ECU incorporates a road speed governor; cruise control with auto resume; elevated high idle control, primarily for vehicles with air conditioning; in-cab idle adjustment; remote PEO; dual throttle, ABS with traction control; engine brake interlock with a decel light; foot pedal inhibit/throttle interlock; a range of engine protection inputs for both derate and hard shutdown; pulse width modulation fan control; A/C input; coolant temperature input; throttle charge temperature; transmission sump temperature; shutdown override switch; shutdown reset; and shutdown alarm.
With an average of 89.50%, Decel Bert Arado Bokingo (Xavier University,) and Patrick Jefferson Young Dela Cruz (University of Caloocan City, 89.50%) both placed ninth on the rank.
This wasted fuel is a major opportunity for improvement, through technologies as Stop/Start and Decel Fuel Shut Off (DFSO).
Innovations such as the variable speed fan clutch, two-stage auto decel system and the economy mode help to conserve fuel.
The touchdown surprises me, as I feel the immediate decel. My left hand selects full military power, and I secure my external lights.