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DECIDevereux Early Childhood Initiative (Villanova, PA)
DECIDecision Evaluator for the Cattle Industry
DECIDowntown Eau Claire, Inc. (Wisconsin)
DECIDesignated Erosion Control Inspector
DECIDeveloping Enterprise Community Initiative
DECIDEISA (Distributed European Infrastructure for Supercomputing Applications) Extreme Computing Initiative (EU)
DECIDiagnostic de l'Eclairage Intérieur (French: Diagnosis of Interior Lighting; software)
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Deci,(1991), "Ego-Involved Persistence: When Free-Choice Behavior Is Not Intrinsically Motivated," Motivation and Emotion, Vol.
According to Ryan and Deci (2000), intrinsically motivated individuals are inspired.
They know if teachers are relating to them in a warm kind of way or a demeaning kind of way," Deci told me.
Idealul stiintific al pozitivismului (inclusiv structuralist) se concretiza, printre altele, in practicarea unui discurs hiperconceptializat, hiperlogicizat, hiperformalizat si, prin toate acestea, hipernormativizat, deci total opus celui metaforic, spontan, semnificant simbolicoaxiologic, practicat in literatura.
Created by avid gaming brothers Danny and Roni Stone, co-owners of Von Nostrum Games, Deci Clock follows the successful launch of the company's initial three games, Aefo Alfie, Chokoblok and Chopstix.
It is well documented among elementary and secondary school teachers that the degree to which work contexts support the teacher's need for autonomy, competence, and relatedness greatly influence intrinsic motivation, work attitude, and job performance ratings (Assor & Oplatka, 2003; Baard, Deci, & Ryan, 2004; Reeve, 2002).
Past research (for reviews, see Deci, 1980; Deci & Ryan, 1985; Vallerand, 1997) has shown that the most positive outcomes emerge from intrinsic and identified regulation while the worst outcomes result from amotivation and to a lesser degree from external regulation.
External reward can undermine intrinsic motivation through the perception of loss of control (Ryan and Deci 2000).
Deci and his students would like to be making street rounds every night, they have settled on going out once every 2 weeks so they can provide a consistent presence.
For example, Deci (1972a) indicates that money (as an external motivator) tends to undermine intrinsic motivation, while verbal reinforcement tends to enhance it.
Deci and Ryan (1991; Ryan & Deci, 2000) have proposed the regulation of behavior can take many forms that correspond to qualitatively different styles of behavior regulation.
Its Accu-Line pneumatic valve gates for single-cavity and prototype molds supports the firm's Centi, Deci, and Hecto nozzles.