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DECIDEDutch Expertise Consortium for International Development of Education
DECIDEDecision Evaluation and Complex Information Development Environment (Louisiana State University)
DECIDEDecision Support Models and a DSS (Decision Support System) for European Academic and Public Libraries (Education for Change; UK)
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It was the kind of thing the man of the family had to decide and carry through, he told himself.
Yes, though you may think me perverse, if it were proposed to me to dwell in the neighborhood of the most beautiful garden that ever human art contrived, or else of a Dismal Swamp, I should certainly decide for the swamp.
By and by he said he had ciphered out two or three ways, but there warn't no need to decide on any of them yet.
I think it is too delicate a matter to--to--I believe I would rather write it or whisper it to you, and let you decide for yourself whether you want it talked out or not.
Morton would decide to accept a hayrack in return for a year's instruction from her daughter.
I began, with the commencement of the year, to prepare myself for a final struggle, which should decide my fate one way or the other.
Emma wished to go to work directly, and therefore produced the portfolio containing her various attempts at portraits, for not one of them had ever been finished, that they might decide together on the best size for Harriet.
You decide on his imperfections so much in the mass," replied Elinor, "and so much on the strength of your own imagination, that the commendation I am able to give of him is comparatively cold and insipid.
He seemed puzzled to decide what I was; I helped him.
The captain took a moment to decide on the best method of opening the interview, and determined, in his own phrase, to dash at it.
The result at the open targets should decide the tourney.
Will it not be more safe, as well as more simple, to dismiss such vague and uncertain calculations, to examine each power by itself, and to decide, on general principles, where it may be deposited with most advantage and least inconvenience?