DECMDefensive Electronic Countermeasures
DECMDecision Maker
DECMDigital Equipment Communication Maintenance (UK)
DECMDiabetes Education Center of the Midlands (est. 1984)
DECMDesign for Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing
DECMDistrict Executive Council Meeting (Toastmasters)
DECMDeception/Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures
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While the subject of decellularization has been elucidated upon, studies on the role of DECM in cardiomyogenesis have been going on concurrently.
(2017): CPCs extracellular thrived on healthy DECM. matrix Lee et al.
Although there have been no destructive cyberterrorism attacks to date, terrorists may engage in DeCM to cause massive physical damage and economic disruption to critical infrastructure such as the power grid, fuel distribution and storage systems, public water sanitation systems, air traffic control systems, and financial systems (especially ATM networks).
Finally, the dynamic error correction model (DECM) is utilized to examine the existence of long-run PPP.
To obtain a more generalized DECM, these restrictions must be relaxed.
The new DECM arrangement was originally planned to be internal, to exploit the coverage provided by the ALQ-94/137 antenna bays.
Called Project Shoehorn, some Navy A-4E aircraft were equipped with the Sanders AN/ALQ-51 DECM. Both the concept and much of the hardware were new and unfamiliar to Navy operations and reconnaissance personnel.
On the one hand, Navy offshore reconnaissance claimed their threat measurements demonstrated that the DECM would be required to process more than 100,000 pulses/second.
Vietnam introduced the SA-2 and the first DECM. The early 1970s saw a period of aircraft modernization, which produced numerous aircraft types and many more "black boxes" for ESM and ECM.
A new software development designed to automate the tactics for coordinating decoy deployment and deceptive ECM is termed DECM Decoy Integration.
With PMA 253, he managed several programs to provide DECM equipment, RWR's and expendables.