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DECNETDigital Equipment Corporation Network
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A Digital Equipment Delni bridges DEC networks in the engineering environment to the corporate DECNet backbone.
Although the PowerHub was first considered as a means to bridge the DECNet in the enginering environment to the corporate network, SGS-Thomson brought it in to evaluate its routing capabilities.
The products serve users equally in the SNA and DECnet environments.
As shown on the left side of Figure 2, DEC's VMS/SNA software has been layered on the VMS operating system and DECnet software running on VAX computer A to provide computer-to-network communication with SNA network B (accessed through mainframe B).
Network management functionality that allows for management from both AppleTalk and DECnet networks will be provided.
DECnet, Digital's wide-area network, offers a robust set of network services for enterprise-wide information access, communication and resource sharing.
Digital's stated goal with DECnet was to permit generalized interconnection of different host computers in point-to-point, multipoint or switched networks so that all users could share programs, data files and remote I/O devices systemwide.
One of the more innovative features of Phase III is the adaptive path-routing capability, which allows a DECnet network node to send messages to another node through as many as five intermediate nodes.