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DECNETDigital Equipment Corporation Network
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Service Features APPN (SNA) NSP (DECnet) CO-byte vs.
Does that mean Vendor X can forward mixed protocol packets such as lP, IPX, DECnet, NetBIOS or AppleTalk all at the same rate?
The Internet is a global network that links, through a common protocol, a worldwide set of computer networks using local protocols including Ethernet, Netware, Apple Talk, DECnet and many others.
In client/server environments, the communication protocols are based on industry standards (WinSocket, TCP/IP and DECnet).
Architectures supported will include Ethernet, Token Ring, and DecNET, used by the secure police network.
The supporting service providers were faced with looking after this complex landscape which consisted of VMS, ULTRIX, SUN-OS, DECnet, LAT, TCP-IP, vt-Emulation, SNA-Terminal emulation, X11, Motif and so on.
The Cleveland Public Library's Carterette briefly traced his library's computer language needs since 1987, when "we needed a good understanding of VMS, DECnet, and DOS.
A simple method of providing Internet access from any node on the school's LAN would have been for the node to connect to our campus, broadband backbone, which supports IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, Ethernet, AppleTalk, and DECNet protocols.
There is a variety of standard plug-in PC boards with software drivers to support digital I/O, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, IEEE-488 and many popular network interfaces such as Novel, DECNET and TCP/IP.
In yet others, particular skills, competencies, or work experience were preferred over paper qualifications (e.g., "Ability to manage complex technical planning procedures and implement large computer-based systems and telecommunications operations; Requires a working knowledge of Ethernet and X-25 communication, and of Decnet, TCP/IP, SNMP, IPSPX and OSI"; "BS degree, working knowledge of microcomputer technology, DOS, UNIX, and Xenix especially desired").
Navistar also sought to maintain a client/server architecture and the use of guest operating systems (MS-DOS for processing not related to the data base) and to establish a DECnet and TCP/IP network and X Window interfaces using the Motif graphical user interface.
The VMS operating environment privides routing for electronic mail using DECNET. A DEC relational database stores proposal information for document management tasks.