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Directed, written by Lucas Belvaux, adapted from the novel "Est-ce ainsi que les femmes meurent?" by Didier Decoin. Camera (color, widescreen), Pierric Gantelmi d'Ille; editor, Ludo Troch; music, Arne Van Dongen; production designer, Frederique Belvaux; costume designer, Nathalie Raoul; sound (Dolby Digital/DTS), Henri Morelle, Luc Thomas; assistant director, Brieuc Vanderswalm; casting, Okinawa Guerard.
Decoin concentrates as much on the character of Napoleon, played by Christian Clavier, as on his military and political prowess.
Certain of the films were based on scripts that dated from the preceding decade, as had been the case with Le corbeau.(3) Moreover, films such as L'homme de Londres (Henri Decoin, 1943) and Voyage sans espoir (Christian-Jaques, 1943) pointedly evoked motifs of style and narrative of banned noir classics such as La bete humaine (Jean Renoir, 1938) and Le quai des brumes (Marcel Carne, 1938).
1974, Pascal Lain e, La Dentelliere; 1975, Emile Ajar, La Vie devant soi; 1976, Patrick Grainville, Les Flamboyants; 1977, Didier Decoin, John l'enfer; 1978, Patrick Modiano, Rue des boutiques obscures; 1979, Antoinette Maillet, Pelagie - La - Charette; 1980, Yves Navarre, Le Jardin d'acclimatation; 1981, Lucien Bodard, Anne - Marie; 1982, Dominique Fernandez, Dans la main de l'ange; 1983, Frederick Tristan, Les Egares; 1984, Marguerite Duras, L'Amant; 1985, Yann Queffelec, Les Noces barbares; 1986, Michel Host, Valet de nuit.
30, certain members of the organization (Edmonde Charles-Roux, Tahar Ben Jelloun, Dider Decoin, Pierre Assouline, Regis Debray and Bernard Pivot) will select four novels from the list, with this year's "Prix Goncourt" laureate being announced in Paris on Nov.
Film is freely adapted from a little-known novel by Belgian writer Georges Simenon that was filmed in 1943 by director Henri Decoin, with Fernand Ledoux in the main role.
Didier Decoin's settings in La Promeneuse d'Oiseaux (perhaps his fifteenth novel) - Alderney, London, Deauville in race week - are unusual treasures of wry precision.
Executive producer, Marc Vade; producers, Jean-Pierre Guerin, Gerard Depardieu; co-producers, Jan Mojto, Claude Leger, Jonathan Vanger, Jason Piette, Michael Lionello Cowan, David Rogers; director, Yves Simoneau; writer, Didier Decoin, based on the book by Max Gallo; camera, Guy Dufaux; production designer, Richard Cunin; editor, Yves Langlois; music, Richard Gregoire; casting, Francoise Menidrey.
Screenplay, Eve de Castro, Andree Corbiau, Gerard Corbiau, Didier Decoin, based on the novel "Lully ou le musicien du soleil" by Philippe Beaussant.