DECPDiplôme Européen de Compétences Professionnelles (French: European Diploma of Professional Competence)
DECPDrug Evaluation and Classification Program (Alexandria, VA)
DECPDivision of Educational and Child Psychology (British Psychological Society)
DECPDebian-Extra-CD (Compact Disc)-Project
DECPDisplacive Excitation of Coherent Phonons
DECPDiesel Exhaust Carbon Particles
DECPDiabetes Education and Control Program (Australia)
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If there is a [[lambda].sup.*] satisfying -[w.sub.i]([c.sub.i] + [e.sub.i]) [less than or equal to] [[lambda].sup.*] [less than or equal to] [w.sub.i](a - [c.sub.i]), i = 1, 2, ..., m, and [[summation].sup.m.sup.i=1] [x.sub.i]([[lambda].sup.*]) = Q, and set [[alpha].sub.i] = 0 in (DECP), then the optimal allocation strategy based on the excepted loss is
We substitute [lambda] [member of] ([[lambda].bar], [bar.[lambda]]) into (16), (17), and (37), so we get ([x.sub.i]([lambda]), [y.sub.i]([lambda])) and Q([lambda]), which are substituted into (DECP), and get the target loss function:
Briefly, 5ul RNA(1ug/ul) was mixed with 1ul of oligo-(dT)18 (0.5ug/ul) and 6 ul of DECP treated H2O in 0.5 ml PCR tube and incubated at 70degC for 5 minutes in thermocycler (Quantarus Q Cycler TechneProgene).
Amplification reactions contained 10X NH4reaction buffer 2ul, 50mM MgCl2 0.7ul, 2.5uM dNTPs 0.5ul, DECP H2O 10.6ul, Forward primer 1ul, reverse primer 1ul, Taq Polymerase (500 U) [BioTaq .
Creating the DECP would provide much-needed flexibility to the
(199) Incorporating the six agencies into the DECP would allow for a
of the DECP. This co-regulation program would incorporate the expertise
Definition 3.2.3 DECP Oracle [O.sup.DECP.sub.T] x Let T = (q, a, b, P, l, h) be an elliptic curve, DECP Oracle is defined as the following:
Else if 1 [left arrow] DECP ([[OMEGA].sub.i], [PK.sub.B], R) return [[sigma].sub.i], //there is an entry ([PK.sub.B] [??] [[OMEGA].sub.i] [??] (?, [[sigma].sub.i])) in [L.sup.K.sub.2]