DECPDiplôme Européen de Compétences Professionnelles (French: European Diploma of Professional Competence)
DECPDrug Evaluation and Classification Program (Alexandria, VA)
DECPDivision of Educational and Child Psychology (British Psychological Society)
DECPDebian-Extra-CD (Compact Disc)-Project
DECPDisplacive Excitation of Coherent Phonons
DECPDiesel Exhaust Carbon Particles
DECPDiabetes Education and Control Program (Australia)
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Creating the DECP would provide much-needed flexibility to the
199) Incorporating the six agencies into the DECP would allow for a
Let T (q,a,b,P,],h) be an elliptic curve and AD an attacker on DECP, DECP is defined as the following:
AECG is an attacker against ECGP security of elliptic curve in time t', using [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] queries to its DECP Oracle [O.