DECRDepartment for External Church Relations (Moscow, Russia)
DECR2,4-Dienoyl-COA Reductase
DECRDepartment of Environment and Coastal Resources (Turks and Caicos Islands)
DECRDaily Equipment Condition Report (UPS)
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microphylla junto con varias cactaceas columnares, es un componente tipico de la vegetacion potencial zonal del DEAF y del DECR; por el contrario, en areas de menor precipitacion (ombrotipo Hiperarido) su presencia se restringe a comunidades azonales de suelos humedos correspondiente a las asociaciones Hymenocleo salsolae-Daleetum spinosae (Peinado et al., 1995a) y Parkinsonio microphyllae-Olneyetum tesotae (Peinado et al., 2006) o a biotopos rocosos del DESA.
Park Gate, Monday night Decr 30th [1799] My own Fanny-My other beloved sister Fredy must from none other but myself hear of my safe landing in beloved old England-nor my dear Brother, my revered and cherished Mr Locke-we arrived between 3 & 4 this afternoon.
Decr. SCC <<Sacra Tridentina Synodus>>, 20 dic.
The next step of the analysis involves the "estimation of a Dynamic Error Correction Representation (DECR) for the variables involved and tests whether or not the lagged levels of the variables are statistically significant by estimating Unrestricted Error Correction Mechanism (UECM)".
Share decr. All newly formed municipalities 6 14 Municipalities with population size 2 7 under 5,000 Municipalities with population size 3 6 between 5,000 and 9,999 Municipalities with population size 1 1 10,000 or more Municipalities where urban and rural 5 11 type municipalities amalgamated Municipalities where rural type 1 3 municipalities amalgamated Municipalities that are a working 4 1 centre or are located in a town region Municipalities that are located 2 13 out-side a town region Source: Statistics Estonia online database, calculated by authors Table 6.
* Mid-1996: "Received encryption and decr yption software from the Cuban Intelligence Service, and used it for her clandestine communications with the Cuban Intelligence Service."
(16) A draft of a letter by George Tennyson's clerk (Mr Cooper), dated March 22 1822, from Tealby, near Walesby, states: 'The Walesby Rent Audit was held by Mr Budd on 31 Decr last, who did not then receive the whole of the rents due'.
[DELTA][T.sub.[??]] [T.sub.e] Decr.Fast Decr_Slow Slow Extrm.High Medium Slowly Slowly VeryJHigh Medium Slowly Slowly High Medium Slowly Slowly Ok Very_Quickly Quickly Medium Low Very_Quickly Very_Quickly Quickly Very_Low Very_Quickly Very_Quickly Very_Quickly Extrm.Low Very_Quickly Very_Quickly Very_Quickly [DELTA][T.sub.[??]] [T.sub.e] Incr_Slow Incr.Fast Extrm.High Stop Stop VeryJHigh Stop Stop High Stop Stop Ok Slowly Slowly Low Quickly Quickly Very_Low Quickly Medium Extrm.Low Quickly Quickly TABLE 3: Comparative performance indices for all used algorithms in real simulation.
The iMuseum, Douglas - Saturday 1st Decr - 10am to 5pm ?
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