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DECSDepartment of Education and Children's Services (Australia)
DECSDepartment of Education, Culture and Sports (Filipino; Kagawaran ng Edukasyon, Kultura at Palakasan; Philippines)
DECSDomino Enterprise Connection Services (Lotus)
DECSDebt Exchangeable for Common Stock (investment product)
DECSDefence Electronic Commerce Service (UK Ministry of Defence)
DECSDistributed Exact Cover Solver (distributed computing program, mathematics)
DECSDSCS ECCM Control Subsystem
DECSDispatch Environmental Control System
DECSDefense Electronics Control Service
DECSDeclaration Pages
DECSDelphi Energy & Chassis Systems (formerly Saginaw Steering Gear, Saginaw, Michigan)
DECSDion Eng Cheerleading School
DECSDiplôme d'Etude Comptable Supérieur (French: Diploma in Advanced Accounting)
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The MoD will leverage Critical Path's InScribe Messaging Server to facilitate the vast quantity of information exchange required to maintain its current levels of paper-based business transactions within the new electronic framework of DECS.
Leveraging the reliability, scalability and security of Critical Path's Internet messaging infrastructure with Cap Gemini Ernst & Young's Intelligent Infrastructure, will enable the MoD to transform a largely paper based system into a new electronic commerce service that dramatically reduces costs," said Rick Drury, DECS Director, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young.
This DECS offering was one of the first of its kind by a stockholder of a technology company and, therefore, is a particularly noteworthy endeavor for all parties," noted Diane Frankle.
The newest member to DPI's print server family supports simultaneous printing from DEC LAT, NetWare IPX/SPX and TCP/IP.