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DECSSDecoder for Css
DECSSDecrypt Css
DECSSDecryption of Contents Scrambling System (DVD)
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Written by Johansen and two anonymous developers, DeCSS unlocked a piece of encryption that scrambles the content of a DVD when someone tries to play it on an unauthorized machine.
From this, the court had little trouble concluding that prohibiting the posting of DeCSS on the 2600 Web site was constitutional as a content-neutral regulation of the functional element of the software.
But it's impossible to put all those existing DeCSS genies back in their bottles.
GARBUS: Have you ever seen any documents which have ever indicated that anyone has made a copy of a DVD with the DeCSS provided by Goldstein?
If you wish to obtain a copy of the DeCSS source code, the DVD CCA thoughtfully provided it in the California case (cryptome.
DVD Jon," did not intend his DeCSS software to be used to pirate DVDs.
Witness the dueling rulings over the DVD hacking program DeCSS.
A California State Appeals Court says that the Decss software that unscrambles DVD codes is protected by the Constitution.