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DECSSDecoder for Css
DECSSDecrypt Css
DECSSDecryption of Contents Scrambling System (DVD)
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Most of the other DeCSS lawsuits were decided between 2001 and 2004, and even though the courts were persuaded that DeCSS was a form of speech, they consistently ruled that it nonetheless violated the copyright protections of artistic material.
Goldstein allegedly or 2600 allegedly first posted DeCSS?
The studios also face an ongoing legal problem in California, where the Court of Appeal recently ruled that DeCSS is a form of speech and that banning it violates the First Amendment.
There isn't much hooray for Hollywood, though - the judge in the case indicated he would likely rule the website's distribution of DeCSS as "protected speech".
If you wish to obtain a copy of the DeCSS source code, the DVD CCA thoughtfully provided it in the California case ( B).
Three weeks earlier, however, the California Court of Appeal ruled that DeCSS is a form of speech entitled to full protection, and overturned an earlier injunction that banned a Web site from posting DeCSS.
In their brief, however, the professors argue that, whatever else DeCSS may be, the source code is a form of expressive speech.
To ban DeCSS, therefore, the court would have to ban any discussion of what the program does, along with the source code, a proposition that raises serious First Amendment questions.
Last year Corley, operator of the Web site, posted the DeCSS code on his site and provided links to others.
As a result, any and all copies of DeCSS must come down.
NEW YORK Lawyers for the defendant in the New York DeCSS case may have found a way to quiet Jack Valenti: Put him under oath.
The latter part of the decision dealt with Corley's links to the DeCSS code.