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DECTDigital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (European cordless phone standard)
DECTDigital European Cordless Telephone
DECTDigital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DECTDigital Enhanced Cordless Telephone (product name)
DECTDecay Time
DECTDigital European Cordless Telecommunications (now Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
DECTDigital Enhanced Cordless Technology (phones)
DECTDigital European Cordless Telephony (now Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
DECTDominant Extroverted Concrete Thinker (Jung personality type indicator)
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CableLabs has adopted the DECT Cordless Advanced Technology - internet and quality (CAT-iq[TM]) specifications as part of its PacketCable[TM] HD Voice initiative.
Lot 2 approximately 10,000 digital fixed telephones (Refurbished possible), about 100 IP telephones without standard son DECT SIP telephones 100, 150 IP telephones, IP 400 octopuses and other items.
DECT ULE is based on the very popular and highly successful DECT standard, which was also developed by ETSI.
Now available from Toshiba's Authorized Dealer Network, the Polycom KIRK DECT systems are flexible and user friendly wireless solutions ideal for a wide range of businesses.
According to the company, the Livephone, currently available in all Orange points of sales in France, is a wireless DECT phone that provides high audio quality for Voice over IP phone calls.
The biggest advantage of DECT cordless phones is that they operate in a frequency band dedicated to DECT products, making them "WiFi-friendly", the company claims.
According to Konftel the unit can be connected to most GAP-compatible DECT systems.
The DECT Forum is the international industry association of the home communication industry.
Fixed network wireless solutions provider, Inventel, has announced the launch of the first design for its DECT telephone with flip capabilities, a double screen, MMS, and camera functions.
Today at the 2008 Cable TV Show, Infineon Technologies AG (FWB:IFX) (NYSE:IFX) announced a cost-effective DECT solution, which when combined with a DOCSIS 3.
Wireless solutions provider Inventel has announced the launch of its latest addition to its residential gateway range - Inventel DECT Cordless VoIP Gateway.