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DEDDepartment of Economic Development
DEDDeutscher Entwicklungsdienst (German: German Development Service)
DEDData Element Dictionary
DEDDepartment of Education
DEDDeath Effector Domain (cell apoptosis)
DEDDutch Elm Disease
DEDDog Eat Dog (band)
DEDDeferred Enforced Departure (US DHS)
DEDDistrict Electoral Division
DEdDoctor of Education
DEDDeputy Executive Director
DEDDiesel Engine Driven
DEDDark Emitting Diode :-)
DEdDiploma in Education
DEDDetail Engineering Design (various organizations)
DEDDouble Error Detection
DEDDesign Engineering Division (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
DEDDragging Equipment Detector (railroad defects)
DEDData Entry Display
DEDData Element Definition
DEDDraft Environmental Document
DEDDisability Evaluation Division
DEDData Element Description
DEDDust Eater Dogs (band)
DEDData Edits
DEDDirective Enforcement Department (gaming; Eve-Online)
DEDDoctor of Economic Development (professional degree; New Mexico State University)
DEDDoomsday Engine Definitions (gaming)
DEDDirt Every Day (off road driving)
DEDData Extraction Device
DEDDocument Effective Date
DEDDemonstration Execution Document (military new equipment/service)
DEDDIS End of Day
DEDDefense Energy Department
DEDDesign Engineering Difficulty
DEDDefect Equipment Detector (railroad)
DEDDynamic Entity Database
DEDDamage Engineering Disposition (US Navy)
DEDDouble-Entry-Draft (writing format)
DEDDépannage Entretien a Domicile (French: Home Maintenance Troubleshooting)
DEDDivision des Etudes Doctorales (French: Doctoral Studies Division)
DEDDistribution Équipement Dépannage (French: Distribution Equipment Troubleshooting)
DEDDisability Equality Duty (UK)
DEDDécoupage Emboutissage du Dauphiné (French: Cutting Stamping Dauphine)
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Inspectors from the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division will start random campaigns to ensure that the outlets are displaying the required details related to consumer rights and positioning it in a clear visible area in both Arabic and English", said Omar Bushahab, CEO, Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division, DED.
The DED came up with a temporary solution allowing such companies the opportunity to suspend their licenses to avoid any liquidation and prevent losses.
Determine resource requirements to support the DED operations outlined in FM 3-11.
Abdulla Hassan said the new solution from Al-Futtaim Technologies will optimise each customer interaction offering choice, convenience and an improved service experience to DED customers.
The contract, which further strengthens Al-Futtaim Technologies' 15-year partnership with DED, was signed by Abdulla Hassan, deputy CEO, Shared Services Sector at DED and Venkat Raghavan, GM at Al-Futtaim Technologies.
Granted investors need a little more than 'hassle free' visas to re-gain their already shaken confidence in the UAE market, but that is where another DED initiative comes into play.
Global Banking News-September 5, 2012--Citi and DED sign MoU(C)2012 ENPublishing - http://www.
A small scale trial with older in-patients at a hospital, who were admitted for other conditions but also had DED, showed that ensuring good hydration can ease the condition.
The agreement with the Department of Economic Development aims to make this process more convenient, so that customers can complete all procedures in the same place without the need to visit the offices of the DED.
The earlier system of going through different levels of inquiry caused unnecessary delays for the customer and burdens on DED.
Visitors to the DED stand will be able to learn about the recent additions to the e-services portfolio being progressively expanded by the different business sectors within DED to enhance the overall ease of doing business in Dubai.
The initiative is part of DED s efforts to strengthen partnerships in the business community, attract new capital, and raise overall competitiveness in Dubai to enhance the emirate s position in the global economic landscape.