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DEDAData Entry and Display Assembly
DEDADuluth Economic Development Authority (Duluth, MN)
DEDADelaware Economic Development Authority
DEDADelhi Energy Development Agency (est. 1984; India)
DEDADowntown Entertainment District Alliance (Houston, TX)
DEDADeputy Executive Director for Administration
DEDADoD (Department of Defense) Electronic Document Access (US DoD)
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uk Seeing the Light is on at Deda Derby, Chapel Street, Derby.
Valori e limiti deda codificazione del diritto (con qualche annotazione suda scelta codicistica del legislatore canonico), en A.
Amid drops in the rural male population (due to outmigration but also to war, sickness and death related to HIV/AIDS), cropping patterns and farming systems are experiencing profound changes (FAO 2004 cited in Deda and Rubian 2008, FAO 2005).
Renato Deda, the engine manufacturer's industrial sales manager for Italy and Spain, commented: "Volvo Penta supplies more than 1,000 engines a year to Pramac, which has production factories in Italy, Spain, China, and Brazil.
47) sobre o tema ver VIRGINA DUARTE DEDA DE ABREU, O Inadimplemento no pagamento do premio no contrato de seguro em face do novo codigo civil, in rt 824/24.
And if you like Christmas and fancy doing it all over again, head to Serbia where, on New Year's Eve, Santa Clause (or Deda Mraz) visits houses to leave presents under the a tree.
We are the largest free entrepreneurial event in North America," touted Ben Deda, DSW co-chair and vice president of business Development at FullContact.
On a recent Sunday night in his restaurant Deda, owner Gor Oganesian showed me how to eat hinkali, a classic Georgian dumpling filled with a beef meatball and its broth, its dough twisted into a stem on top.
Mehmet Hoxha, (1) Maria Zoto, (1) Leonard Deda, (2) and Gentian Vyshka (2)
SOUNDBITE (English) Paola Deda Chief of Forestry and Timber Section, UN Economic Commission for Europe: