DEDPDepartment of Energy Development and Promotion
DEDPDivision of Epidemiology and Disease Prevention (US DHHS)
DEDPDistance Engineering Degree Program (various locations)
DEDPDiabetic Eye Disease Program (Texas Department of State Health Services; Austin, TX)
DEDPDossier d'Etude des Droits à Pension (French: Case Study of Pension Rights)
DEDPDécoupage Emboutissage Denis Papin (French: Denis Papin Cutting Stamping)
DEDPDossiers d'Examen des Droits a Pension (French: Records Review of Pension Rights)
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The DEDP authorizes the Secretary of Education to waive certain statutory and regulatory provisions for up to 50 institutions and consortia.
At first, the DOE resisted a new competition, but in the face of continuing pressure from interested institutions and with support from members of Congress, it decided to reopen the DEDP in September 2003, in order "to increase the diversity of the types of institutions in the program.
These were evaluated by the DEDP staff and by a panel of outside readers over the following month.