DEDRDrug Enforcement and Demand Reduction (New Jersey)
DEDRDepartment of Employment Dispute Resolution (Virginia)
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Given the fact that there are slightly over a thousand usable Elamite terms in total and that DEDR has about 19,000 words and 5,500 entries, the proportion of cognates is much higher with Elamite.
The first list is primarily from the DEDR, while the second contains updates, not in the DEDR.
wholly A2 kal (2) place where DEDR 2367, < Ir water collects ILEB B31, CDIAL 3849 A3 kaland old pot, shard DEDR 1305 (?
The DEDR normally follows Grignard, but also uses other citations identifying the source.
Entries are grouped by their Proto-Dravidian etyma--this anticipates some of the argumentation--and are in order of their DEDR number within groups.
bu:je munda The deity of the puja; the word munda is possibly connected with DEDR 5020(a) Ta.
Etymology unknown, unless connected with DEDR 1918 Ta.
There are now some twelve Kota items with *-1(1)I [greater than] -j in my collectanea from DEDR.
Although the Dravidian items in this DEDR entry have *1 (*tukal [greater than] *tul, *tuli) and *1i does not yield Ko.
cappara is not (yet) clear; a connection may probably be established with DEDR 2331 Ta.
todudi which I would now connect with DEDR 3490 Ta.
kurinci, DEDR 1849, with its cultural significance in OTa.