DEDRDrug Enforcement and Demand Reduction (New Jersey)
DEDRDepartment of Employment Dispute Resolution (Virginia)
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PPD kiru 'to spin, go round and round; be giddy' [add to DEDR 1595], Term discussed in Emeneau (1997) from new word in Elfenbein (1983: 199).
DEDR has invited applications from the teachers aspiring for their transfer till August 15.
For example, the "innovated" plural markers -cill -til (215) could well descend from earlier cil- 'few' (DEDR 1571) which contracted with a preceding noun, cf.
The etyma uniquely shared by Brahui (Br.), Kurux (Kx.) and/or Malto (Mt.) in the DEDR (Burrow and Emeneau 1984) are as follows: