DEDSDialogue et Démocratie Suisse (French: Dialogue and Democracy; Switzerland)
DEDSDiscrete Event Dynamic System
DEDSDiscrete-Event Dynamic Simulation
DEDSData Entry Display System
DEDSDigital Error Detection System
DEDSDigital Error Detection Subsystem
DEDSData Exchange and Distribution System
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She was offel mad and she was mad cause I chased her old rooster round the yard till he fell down ded. I didn't mean to make him fall down ded.
Still, they saw no hesitation in each other's faces, and they nod- ded a mute and unprotesting assent when a shag- gy man near them said in a meek voice: "We'll git swallowed."
A desire to impress the mind of his companion with the importance of the resolution he had made came over him and he nod- ded his head toward the house.