DEECDDepartment of Education and Early Childhood Development
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In comparison, the 2006-2012 language enrolment data for P-12 government schools In Victoria, the Australian state with the largest proportion of students learning a language (Llddicoat, Scarlno, Curnow, Kohler, Scrlmgeour, & Morgan, 2007), show that numbers for French have fallen by 14%, Italian by 33%, and German by 41 %, for example (Victorian DEECD, 2012).
The research project has ethics approval from Deakin University Ethics committee and DEECD approval.
DEECD (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development) (2009) The State of Victoria's Children 2008: A Report on How Children and Young People in Victoria Are Faring, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Melbourne, http://www.
Table 1 suggests this breakdown is similar to the corresponding demographic across all schools according to the DEECD statistics for 2011.
The directives of the DEECD requested the researcher to arrange a suitable time through the principal to attend the school and to personally explain the purpose, procedure, and confidentiality of the research.
The current literature, including numerous policy directives from the Victorian DEECD and other education authorities, support the approach promoted by Zemelman, Harvey and Hyde (2005).
The outcomes that drove the program were set by the DEECD and, in sum, they aimed to build the participating teacher leaders' capability to design, implement and evaluate effective school-based professional learning to support improved teaching and learning.
Figure 3 shows the DEECD location of schools with and without a classroom music program.
Teachers who currently teach music in Victorian schools were surveyed with ethical approval from Monash University and other appropriate authorities such as the DEECD, the survey was posted on the web site of the Association of Music Educators (aMuse) in Victoria.
in its response (MLTAV, 2010) listed major policy themes of DEECD for the last fifteen years and intimated that the very issuing of the discussion paper suggests that the Victorian Government admits its past strategies 'have not been particularly successful'.
In each case the schools and DEECD were supported by a funding grant from the Australian Government Quality Teaching Project (AGQTP).
Following extensive consultation by the DEECD with the local community and key stakeholder groups, I have given careful consideration to the feedback received, as well as the results of two separate and independent studies, Mr Dixon said.