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DEETN,N-Diethyl-meta-Toluamide (insect repellent)
DEETDepartment of Education, Employment and Training (Northern Territory, Australia)
DEETCommonwealth Department of Employment, Education and Training (Australia)
DEETDistance Education Entrance Test (Anna University; India)
DEETDiplôme Européen d'Etudes Technologiques (French: Technical European Diploma)
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We know that DEET deters blood feeding by interactions with olfactory receptor cells," Dickens says.
To assess the adverse effects, an understanding of the metabolism of DEET in the human body is crucial; thus, a number of previous studies have identified DEET metabolites.
DEET has been around for more than 60 years without scientists knowing how insects detect the molecule.
99 for 100ml, from most pharmacies This travel-sized spray for bite prevention claims to be stronger and safer than DEET formulas and is effective against all 3,500 different species of the world's mosquito.
Thirty min before a test began, the forearm of a test subject (RDX) was treated with 1 mL of 25% DEET in ethanol.
Schreck, an entomologist with the agency's Medical and Veterinary Entomology Research Laboratory in Gainesvilie, Florida, says soldiers now use deet cream that lasts longer than the earlier liquid form that sometimes irritated the skin.
Advanced Odomos cream (12% N, N-diethyl-benzamide) and DEET cream (12% N, N-diethyl-3-methyl benzamide) supplied by M/s.
Bug repellents with DEET (N,N-Diethyl-meta-tolu-amide) have long been the fisherman's ally in the fight against biting insects.
Included in the acquisition are several MGK(R) insect repellent products including DEET, plus associated end-use formulations, product registrations, and customer lists.
Later due to efforts of district Nazim Mianwali, Haji Ubaid Ullah Shadi Khel and other dignitaries of the area, both the parties had reconciled and Deet was paid in this connection.
Although deet is regarded as safe, registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, and has been in use over 5 decades, there have been incidences of serious adverse effects associated with the use of deet products, especially in infants and young children, (2) its chemical properties are damaging to some synthetic material and plastics, (3) and deet experienced a major public relations hit in the mid 1990s as it was suspected to have contributed to the so-called "Gulf War Syndrome.
Such findings were mostly explained by a strong synergistic interaction (in terms of death and knockdown effect) between DEET and propoxur (12).