DEEWRDepartment of Education Employment and Workplace Relations (Australia)
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The service could only be accessed by contacting the DEEWR switchboard and being referred by the DEEWR telephone receptionist.
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23 DEEWR - Building the Education Revolution Program - Australia
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The selection of MAXIMUS for the expanded DES ESS contract underscores our strong performance as well as our ongoing commitment to help DEEWR remain at the forefront of helping individuals with disabilities to find work that enables them to be independent," commented MAXIMUS CEO Richard A.
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1 Source: DEEWR aggregated datasets STAG and ULAG, various years Notes: (1) Excludes approximately 25.
According to DEEWR (2008), the participation rate of students from low socio-economic backgrounds has remained around 15 percent throughout the past decade, despite representing 25 percent of Australia's population.
Contract Awarded for Disability Mgmt Service (DMS) - MoG from DEEWR