DEFADiplôme d'Etat Relatif aux Fonctions d'Animation (French: State Diploma on the Functions of Animation)
DEFADiplôme d'Etudes Fondamentales en Architecture (French: Diploma of Basic Architecture Studies)
DEFADireção de Emigração e Fronteras de Angola (Portuguese: Directorate for Migration and Frontiers of Angola, Luanda)
DEFADépartement Énergétique Fondamentale et Appliquée (French: Fundamental and Applied Energetics Department)
DEFADeutsche Filmakademie (German Film Academy)
DEFADharmaNet Electronic Files Archive (Buddhist study)
DEFADetect Early Fluorescent Antigens
DEFADriver-Enriched Fuel Assembly
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Following completion of Cyprus' presidential elections and the setting up of a new government in February, the plan is that DEFA will retain advisers for the next phase of the project for legal, commercial and financial consultancy services.
While chapter one provides a straightforward and helpful description of how DEFA worked as an industry, DEFA and Babelsberg can hardly be seen as "reflecting the socialist politics, ideology, and culture of the state"(20).
As a starting point for East German film scholars, or those with a general interest in the fascinating years of DEFA operation, it is highly recommended.
Designed and developed for advisors to gain necessary training, DEFA meets the requirements of Connecticut's mandate, due to take effect in this year, as well as similar laws affecting the insurance industry across the country.
Apart from DEFA and the East-German Television--which was a different legal entity directly managed by the East-German ministry of culture--there were only few and very small privately run 'film clubs', which did not produce films of public significance (Hegemann 2-4).
DEFA is a German acronym for the state-owned German Film Corporation, Inc.
The DEFA era is repped by Kurt Maetzig's 1965 drama "The Rabbit Is Me," a film that was quickly banned by the government for encouraging discussion of democratic principles in East Germany.
The post-reunification film scene excluded an entire generation of filmmakers--the established DEFA directors.
We've made a decent start in the DEFA Cup and maybe if wecan get another point against MSK Zilina to be certainof qualifying we could have the ability to change the ade round in Hamburg.
So UFA begat DEFA as the state film-maker of the former East Germany, the German Democratic Republic (GDR).
and tailored to the exact needs of DEFA, an object-oriented data model was formed and accompanied by an application that goes beyond the basic network facilities management.