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DEFACTODesign Environment for Adaptive Computing Technology
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With deFacto, we can now offer CFOs a powerful, performance-enhancing CPM application.
Organizations looking to leverage prior investments in technology and mitigate the risk associated with technology obsolescence and scalability must understand the Internet offers a defacto standard worldwide information infrastructure on which existing computing platforms can be cost-effectively connected and extended.
gruppe group, defacto call center GmbH is a leading service provider for complex call center projects.
Chouki Aktouf, founder and CEO of DeFacTo, said, "For the first time in the EDA industry, designers have a tool that handles RTL scan insertion independently of the synthesis process.
Verific Design Automation today announced that innovative design for test (DFT) software provider DeFacTo Technologies has selected its hardware description level (HDL) Component Software to serve as the register transfer level (RTL) front end for its scan insertion software to be introduced later in the year.
Test logic insertion at RTL by DeFacTo will enable PowerTheater to more accurately analyze power on a scan-ready RTL design.
The VoomPC-2 is based on the industry's defacto standard for small form factor and low power consumption: the feature-packed Mini-ITX motherboard sporting a 1.
The purpose of this contract is to provide human services relating to the security and safety missions of public spaces and establishments receiving from the public (erp) belonging to defacto.
We believe this will extend MontaVista Linux lead as the defacto OS standard for mobile devices.