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DEFACTODesign Environment for Adaptive Computing Technology
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Also in 2015, DeFacto became a signatory to the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs) in 2015.
Terming RBI Governor's resignation a blot on India's monetary and banking system, Ahmed Patel reacted: "BJP government has unleashed a defacto financial emergency.
He said that the freedom of expression is being curbed to cover up the unaccountable defacto.
Critique: A compelling read from cover to cover, "DeFacto Feminism: Essays Straight Outta Oakland" is an absorbing, informative, deeply personal, thought-provoking anthology that is unreservedly recommended, especially for community and academic library African-American Studies collections in general, and Contemporary Feminism supplemental studies reading lists in particular.
The bank tightened its currency policy by seeking a defacto one-time revaluation in the local dollar.
So what we have is a potential price gouging in slow motion, when you have a defacto oligopolistic industry that knows it can asks 3 times inflation increases in reimbursements from the insurance companies, just because they can"
Sadly, deputy first minister and minister for economy and transport Ieuan Wyn Jones missed an opportunity to be far more proactive in developing 20mph on residential streets in a recent Welsh Assembly consultation on road safety when he decided to retain 30mph as the defacto speed limit in residential areas."
The party in Gujarat has been rather concerned with the depletion of Patel voter base, which defacto forms the backbone of the party in the state.
Having implemented this technology for a major UK bank and being a user of this feature; it can be safely said that two Factor Authentication techniques should be the next defacto standard for Bahraini as well as other GCC financial institutions
And what of other conflicts equally as morally repugnant, such as Afghanistan and America's defacto war on Pakistan which has so destabilised the country that the Taliban may take over a nuclear-armed state?
South Ossetia, along with the province of Abkhazia, gained defacto independence from Georgia in 1992 with the support of Russia.
Consistent with the Society's position that journalists should not be intimidated by public officials or serve as defacto agents for law enforcement, Society-leaders support Lyden and KMSP management.