DEFASDefense Finance and Accounting Service (also seen more commonly as DFAS)
DEFASDiverse Emergency Feedwater Actuation System
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BALF was analyzed using ELISA for concentrations of IL-8 (BioSource) and [alpha]-defensin (DEFA; Hycult Biotechnology), and Lsozyme activity was measured using an EnzCheck Lysozyme Activity Kit (Molecular Probes), all according to manufacturers' instructions.
An additional DEFA with a molecular mass of 3485 Da was identified as DEFA3 (Fig.
Embraer is also responsible for the twin DEFA 554 cannon installation of the Brazilian version, the Italian version having a single GE M61 Vulcan gun offset to the left.
PHOTO : Frontal view clearly shows the two DEFA muzzles.