DEFCDocumentary and Experimental Film Center (Iran)
DEFCDirect Ethanol Fuel Cell
DEFCDéveloppement et Entreprise Formation Conseil (French: Enterprise Development and Training Council)
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The DEFC at 70[degrees]C with Pt-Ru/C and [Pt.sub.3]Sn electrode-catalyst showed about the same performance, while for temperature greater than 70[degrees]C the cells with [Pt.sub.3]Sn as anode performed better than that of Pt-Ru as anode.
The tests on direct ethanol fuel cell (DEFC) were performed with a single cell design (Figure 5).
However, the DEFC performance decreased to current density of 14 mW/[cm.sup.2] and power density of 4.9 mW/[cm.sup.2], when loading is increased to 1.5 mg/[cm.sup.2] Pt-Ru/C at anode.
The power density of DEFC increases with the increase in ethanol concentration.
While at the temperature of 120[degrees]C anode, 88[degrees]C cathode and 112[degrees]C cell temperature, the DEFC gives poor performance (22.56 mA/[cm.sup.2] and 7.73 mW/[cm.sup.2]) mainly because of low proton conductivity in PEM at higher temperature as the membrane is dehydrated.
Doc Market director Shirin Naderi, the marketing chief at Tehran's Documentary and Experimental Film Center (DEFC), says Iranians' taste in documentary film has long been cosmopolitan.
"Besides marketing DEFC films, we've made it possible for other Iranian producers and distributors to be in touch with international industry professionals.
Festival chairman Mohammad Afarideh is also DEFC director and both Bakhshi and Naderi also work at the center.
At once independent and state-supported, DEFC occupies an unusual position - particularly when, elsewhere in the world, similar organizations have been flensed away by decades of state retrenchment.
"For an independent center like DEFC to survive, and to organize an independent film festival - yes, there are problems.
Pd has the potential to enable lower-cost catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells (DEFCs) [1], carbon monoxide oxidation [2], oxidation reduction reaction [3], and catalytic denitrification reaction [4].