DEFCOMDefense Command
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The Pentagon hosted the most recent annual DEFCOM meeting in September 2012.
where WBDGT is the service weapon budget; ACONC (or UCONC) is program Concentration levels for program budget amounts (or for unit costs, controlling for the number of weapons procured); DEFCOM (defense commitment) is the service budget for nonweapons and includes R&D, O&M, and "procurement" (other than designated aircraft, missiles, ships, or combat vehicles); OMTOFF is the budgetary trade-off between O&M and procurement (a ratio of O&M to the combined O&M and procurement budgets); MISEMP (mission emphasis) is the proportion of the weapon budget devoted to combat platforms, and RDBLNC is the balance between R&D and procurement spending (here, conceived as an interaction term).
The relationship between DEFCOM and the weapon budget is arguably made artificially high by the estimation procedure for the nonweapon budgets in the service-weapon sample, where these budgets are multiplied by the ratio of the service-weapon budget over the total service budget for weapons.