DEFCON 1Defense Condition 1 (war operations)
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The North Koreans go to their own equivalent of Defcon 1: mobilising and dispersing their armed forces, evacuating their leadership from the capital to some bunker in the countryside, and so on.
On a recent summer flight I deftly executed my DEFCON 1 plan, and found myself over Hyannis making a fold'em decision.
military forces were placed on DEFCON 1 alert status - maximum-force readiness - for a full twenty-nine days in 1970.
It's a bizarre move given how the UK is on Defcon 1, with an unnamed enemy about to unleash nuclear war.
MONDAY lunchtime: Margaret Thatcher dies and rolling news channels scramble to DEFCON 1. ITV's Nina Hossain, left,: "It will be a big funeral." (You reckon?) C5's Simon Vigar: "A senior royal source told me there's no date yet for the funeral." Quite the scoop there.
Powered by a nine volt battery, Defcon 1 weighs 6.2 ounces and is the same size as an average mobile phone
An absent-minded aide from a small eastern European country left the First Lady to pour her own tea and suddenly it was DEFCON 1 all around - missiles launching, children screaming and PE teachers calling off cross-country.