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DEFENSIVEGeneral Counsel Defense Docket System (US EPA)
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On the other hand, he believed that the second or slave-morality, where it became paramount, led to degeneration, because it was passive and defensive, wanting merely to keep those who practised it alive.
Standing on the defensive indicates insufficient strength; attacking, a superabundance of strength.
Again he glanced inquisitively round the room or seemed to do so, for his face was nearly hidden by the bandage--and again facing sharply towards Hugh, grasped his stick as if he half expected to be set upon, and stood on the defensive.
Only a single antagonist could face him at a time upon the narrow stairway, he had the advantage of position and of the defensive, and he was a master of the sword while they were clumsy bunglers by comparison.
He fought coolly, but with a savage persistence that bore little semblance to purely defensive action.
Thus did he maintain the defensive, making his eye, foot, and hand keep true time, until, observing his antagonist to lose wind, he darted the staff at his face with his left hand; and, as the Miller endeavoured to parry the thrust, he slid his right hand down to his left, and with the full swing of the weapon struck his opponent on the left side of the head, who instantly measured his length upon the green sward.
As he halted Sancho came up, and seeing him disposed to attack this well-ordered squadron, said to him, "It would be the height of madness to attempt such an enterprise; remember, senor, that against sops from the brook, and plenty of them, there is no defensive armour in the world, except to stow oneself away under a brass bell; and besides, one should remember that it is rashness, and not valour, for a single man to attack an army that has Death in it, and where emperors fight in person, with angels, good and bad, to help them; and if this reflection will not make you keep quiet, perhaps it will to know for certain that among all these, though they look like kings, princes, and emperors, there is not a single knight-errant."
Yet were they as often engaged in wars, offensive and defensive, as the neighboring monarchies of the same times.
This was the first time the Don Bosco Defensive Driving School, which also has a technical and vocational training center for less-privileged students, has partnered the media to reach out to motorists and commuters on the need to adhere to road safety regulations to save human lives.
Donatell was hired as the Broncos' defensive coordinator by their new head coach Vic Fangio, who was the Bears' defensive coordinator the previous four years.
Ten defensive players have an average yearly salary of at least $12 million, and all of them are defensive ends.
But you must quickly determine how big a mistake: Will the ball rebound into the offensive or defensive zone?