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El tamano de muestra tambien se ajusto por el efecto de diseno muestral considerado de 2, multiplicando [n.sub.1], por el efecto de diseno deff. luego el tamano de muestra se calculo mediante la siguiente expresion:
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where; MR is the moisture ratio, Wi is the moisture content at a specific time (g/g d.b.), Wo is the initial moisture content (g/g d.b.), We is the equilibrium moisture content (g/g d.b.), Deff is the effective moisture diffusivity coefficient (m2/s), r is the equivalent radius of cowpea seed (m) and t is the rehydration time (s).
Sample correction was performed due to the study design, with selection by cluster sample, and it was assumed an effect design of 1.5 (deff).
They have a deff long holiday period afore the kids are back .
Moreover, two indices for teacher-rated variables were calculated (engagement, disaffection, and performance): the design effect (DEFF) and the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC).
Great to wake up in morning and it's there waiting to be read, feel this format is deff way ahead James Wilson, Airdrie Really couldn't suggest any improvements.
Para a selecao das residencias, foi realizada uma amostragem por estagios multiplos, considerando uma prevalencia esperada de 50%, erro aceitavel de 5%, DEFF (Efeito do Projeto) de 1,5 e nivel de confianga de 95%, totalizando 85 residencias.