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The 2017 DEfR found that the share of ADB operations supporting climate change mitigation and/or adaptation rose to 49% in 2015-2017, exceeding the 45% 2020 target.
The DEfR report measures how well ADB is executing its corporate strategy, Strategy 2020, and the strategic priorities of the midterm review of the strategy across 85 results indicators.
The 2017 DEfR found that the share of ADB operations supporting climate change mitigation and/or adaptation rose to 49 percent in 2015-2017, exceeding the 45 percent 2020 target.
Nevertheless, the other two fixed income portfolios in the base assets, TERMR and DEFR, are significant.
The Predictability of the Mimicking Portfolio for Future GDP Growth This table reports estimation results of the following regression: [GDPR.sup.t,t+4] = a + b * [BASE.sub.t-1,t] + [c.sub.1] * [TERM.sub.t-2,t-1] + [c.sub.2] * [DEF.sub.t-2,t-1] + [c.sub.3] * [TB.sub.t-1,t] + [c.sub.4] * [CAY.sub.t-2,t-1] + [[epsilon].sub.t,t+4], where [GDPR.sub.t,t+4] is the GDP growth over quarter t to (t + 4), the base assets include the Fama and French (1993) six size and book to-market portfolios (FFSL, FFSM, FFSH, FFBL, FFBM, and FFBH) and two fixed income portfolios, TERMR and DEFR, where TERMR is the return difference between long-term government bonds and short-term Treasury bill rates and DEFR is the difference between the return on long-term corporate bonds and long-term government bonds.
DEFD is significant at the 1 percent level while DEFR is significant at the 10 percent level.
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The 2016 Development Effectiveness Review (DEfR) was released in Yokohama, Japan at the 50th Annual Meeting of ADB's Board of Governors.
The 2016 DEfR, ADBs tenth annual corporate performance assessment, shows that ADB met or surpassed 62% of the targets for development results and operational and organizational effectiveness.
The Federal Office of Information and Telecommunication Office (BIT) provides all the benefits office of Federal Department of Economic Affairs (DEFR).
The Development Effectiveness Review (DEfR) 2015 ReportADBs ninth annual corporate performance assessmentshows that it met targeted results for 13 of 17 performance indicators, with about 80% of sovereign projects carried out within their original budgets over the review period.
To complement the DEfR, the 2015 edition of the Together We Deliver report was also launched recently.